Visitor Attraction Café

A visit to a café within any visitor attraction is now expected as part of the experience rather than an add on. The café should create a unique food experience that is integrated into the overall customer journey on their visit. It should provide a high quality of food from a slice of cake to […]

Casual Dining Restaurant

We are on the search for your favourite Casual Dining Restaurant. It may be the food itself in terms of taste and quality, or perhaps the immense customer service and overall dining experience.

Fine Dining Restaurant

As opposed to casual eateries, fine dining restaurants cater to an upscale clientele. The food itself should be of the highest quality with perfect execution and attention to detail. The high standard of the food should also be expressed in the restaurants menu.  Guests would expect to experience a formal atmosphere and exceptional service in […]

‘Free From’ Restaurant

This restaurant should offer a superb menu that caters for those with specific dietary requirement- this may include: allergen free, meat free and vegan options. The menu should provide exciting options that clarify and highlight the ingredients used. The restaurant you are voting for should have a variety of ‘free from’ meal options on their […]

World Cuisine Restaurant

We want you to tell us your favourite ‘World Cuisine Restaurant’. It should be a restaurant that transports you to a different country, immerse you in its culture and provides an authentic experience through its dishes, atmosphere and premises.

Café/ Coffee Shop

We are on the search for your favourite café, we want to know your go-to place to catch up with friends over a barista style coffee or perhaps a light lunch. This café should provide a high standard of coffee and food; deliver exceptional customer service and project a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Pub/Gastro Pub

This pub/gastro pub should be somewhere you go to meet others or hang out with friends. It should have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that should also be reflected in its menu. People come here to enjoy crowd pleasing food whilst having a laugh with friends, or perhaps to eat in front of the T.V. […]

Hotel Restaurant

This hotel restaurant should demonstrate second to none hospitality and provide delicious food served with excellent customer service. This restaurant should be a relaxing environment to unwind for hotel guests, locals and those just passing through.

Local Produce Restaurant

This restaurant’s menu should be a celebration of local produce. It should integrate them into exciting dishes that reflect the season, whilst offering the customer detailed descriptions of the produce’s origins.

Sunday Lunch Restaurant

Whether you go out for Sunday lunch on a weekly basis or a special occasion: for most it is a real treat, perhaps the only day of the week you may get a break from cooking. This restaurant should provide a relaxed/welcoming atmosphere, offer exceptional customer service and cater for all of your family needs.